Mount Of Olives College-Kakiri

School Library

The MOCK library promotes literacy, fosters a love of reading, and helps students and staff use ideas, information, and technology effectively. It is a well organized and spacious library, which is stocked with text books, novels for leisure reading, encyclopedias for research and news papers for exposure to the current affairs. The library offers a quiet environment that enable a serious a user to concentrate. The school subscribes to daily newspapers and monthly ‘Leadership’ magazine which help develop students general knowledge. The school has installed a research center within the library to enable students and teachers to google different topics and literature.

Two full-time librarians manage the recently refurbished 7,000 volume resource. It seats 100 students with six main sections: Humanities, Science, Languages, Reference, Fiction and Reserve. Teachers emphasize research, encouraging students to use the extensive journal, newspaper, periodic tables, video and CD ROM collections, as well as fast Internet and printing facilities.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 9.30pm