Mount Of Olives College-Kakiri


The ‘O’ level Curriculum

We teach the following subjects at ‘O’ level:

Compulsory subjects
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Physics
4. Chemistry
5. Biology
6. History ( East Africa and South Africa)
7. Geography
8. Christian Religious Education – CRE

9. Agriculture
10. Literature
11. Computer Studies
12. French/Luganda
14. Commerce
15. Fine art

The optional subject are placed in blocks as: Block 1 –  French/Luganda, Literature and  commerce.  Block 2 is Agriculture, computer, fine art and commerce. Subjects from the same block are taught at the same time.

‘A’ level Syllabus

Science Subjects

Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry.

Arts Subjects

Economics, History, Geography, Divinity, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, French and Luganda

Enrichment Activities

  • Programs for the gifted/less gifted
    We believe that every child matters and has potential to achieve. We have  special programs in place to support the strong and less strong students.
  • Personal Social and Health Education
    The subject of Personal, Social, and health Education (PSHE) is taught once a week in each class in order to impart useful social and life skills. This  subject also includes education in HIV/AIDS and sexuality development of the youth.
  • Developing a reading Culture
    We  have programs in place to develop  reading and research skills in the students. We believe the reading culture will empower students to grow into   fully educated beings.
  • School Family Initiative (SFI)
    Every teacher is allocated some 15 – 20 students to mentor. This forms a family that the teacher guides, motivates and follow ups in all aspects of school life.
  • Career Education
    All  teachers engage in career guidance at class,  house  and family  levels and in day to day academic guidance. A career’s day is held once a year at which motivational speakers and university academic registrars are invited to address students in their various levels.