Mount Of Olives College-Kakiri

Admission Requirements


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for taking interest in our school. Mount of Olives is a coeducational school, situated about 1km off Hoima road in Kakiri-Ssebi. You branch off at Kikubampanga just ahead of Bukalango junction.

To enable your child join our school, we request you to do the following:

  1. Send a copy of your daughter/son’s PLE results to e mail – or to WhatsApp No 0700 265 360
  2. Send the admission fee of Shs 40,000 to 077 465 606 and indicate name of pupil
  3. Send us the contact (E-mail, WhatsApp or Telegram) to which we can send the official admission letter and its attachments.
  4. Visit our facebook page – mount of olives college kakiri or the website to get a feel of the school.


  Item Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
1. Tuition Fees 825,000 825,000 825,000
2 Uniform sets 110,000/123,000 70,000/75,000 00
3 Examination fees 00 00 20,000
3 ID and utility cards                      30,000
  Total 965,000/978,000 895,000/900,000 845,000


1st Set issued in term I consists of the following:

  • 1 cream short sleeved blouse/shirt
  • 1 red and black skirt for female students
  • 1 pair of black and army green trousers for the boys
  • 1 Sweater for both girls and boys

2nd set of uniforms is issued in Term II and will consist of the following:

  • 1 blouse/shirt  Sports wear
  • House T shirt

2.1 Uniform items to be provided by the parents

  Girls Boys 
1 2 red round necked T shirts 2 yellow round necked T shirts
2 2 pairs brown/black shoes 2 pairs brown/black shoes
3 2 pairs of white socks – knee high 2 pairs of black socks
4 1 pair snickers for sports 1 pair snickers for sports
5 Sandals for out of class use( open shoes) Sandals for out of class use(open shoes)
5 1 pair of gum boots 1 pair of gum boots

3.0   NON FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS                     

3.1  Text Books for the new curriculum

Senior One are following the revised curriculum which requires every learner to have her/his own learner’s guide. Parents must prepare to purchase learners’ guides for their children. These books can also be downloaded from the NCDC website. Details will be supplied in due course. The following must also be provided:

  • A new Secondary school Atlas (Longman)
  • Advanced learners Dictionary (Oxford / Long man)

 A Holy Catholic Bible – obtainable at St Paul’s Bookshop- Kampala Road More details will follow in the admission letter. 

For further inquiries: contact the Principal – 0772 465 606/0700 265 360