Mount Of Olives College-Kakiri

Primary School Head Teachers Seminar 2019


At the professional development workshop held on the 10th January 2018 at Mount of Olives College Kakiri (MOCK), it was resolved  that MOCK in conjunction with the DEO’s office and WAPSHA  Executive will be organizing an annual professional development workshop for primary School leaders. It was further resolved that while MOCK fully funded the training held in January this year, subsequent trainings will be co funded by the attending schools leaders.

The purpose of this letter therefore is to invite you to the 2019 professional development workshop for primary school leaders to be held at MOCK on Wed 9th Jan 2019, commencing at 8.30am.

The topics of the workshop will include:

  1. The Impact of building and sustaining relationships in a work place.
  2. The role of emotions in achieving success – Emotional Intelligence
  3. Inspiring teachers to work for success in our schools.
  4. Un leash the leadership potential in your institution

You will be required to contribute Shs 15,000 towards provision of refreshments and stationary. Other expenses will be met by the Directors of the school as a way of giving back to the community.

We wish your candidates great success and God’s abundant blessings

Yours sincerely,

Regina Laboke



CC – DEO – Wakiso District

CC – Chairman – WAPSHA

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